Video Intercoms for Apartment Units: What are the Security Advantages?

27 May 2020

There are a lot of apartment units these days that offer maximum security and protection over the unauthorised entry from burglars and others. These units are frequently protected by the roaming security personnel and the installation of high-quality locks and CCTV monitoring system. However, one thing that most apartment units tend to lack is the presence of video intercoms.

Video intercom, also known as video door-phone or video door entry, is a stand-alone intercom system that is used in managing calls made at the entrance of a building. It allows property owners from the inside of a building to communicate with the people outside through audio-visual communication. This type of intercom system usually consists of pushbuttons, microphones, a camera, a monitor, an earpiece, and a speaker.

With the way apartments are structured, it is safe to say that the installation of video intercoms can somehow mitigate any associated security threats and risks. After all, video intercoms can offer apartment unit owners a lot of security advantages.

Awareness is Prioritised

One of the greatest security advantages of video intercoms is its ability to provide safety and awareness among unit owners and tenants. With the presence of video intercoms, unit owners have the full authority to see and speak with the people who are outside of their unit. This security system is contrary to the conventional but unsafe way of checking the guests, which normally involves opening the door with a chain door fastener on or peeking through the window or door viewer.

Video intercoms give unit owners and tenants an easy way of verifying the people who want to enter your home. Fortunately, this type of security feature can be partnered with high-quality smart locks and CCTV monitoring system for enhanced security and protection.

Crimes are Prevented

Since video intercoms are deemed useful in verifying the people outside your unit, this type of security system also helps you deter crime on your property, especially if you have exterior access controls. Apartment units that are equipped with highly capable video intercoms usually prevent burglars and intruders from pursuing and continuing their plan since they know they can be caught and spotted very quickly. Additionally, any hacking initiative for high-quality video intercoms can be difficult and time-consuming for some burglars, which forces them to just abort their plan. All video files found on these high-quality video intercoms can also be used as evidence for any crime that may happen on a unit, leaving intruders no choice but to stay away from your property.

Quality of Life is Improved

The way video intercoms are designed helps in improving the life quality of unit owners. The advantages of these video intercoms are not only limited to allowing specific people to go in, but they can also provide convenience to several people who are having a hard time using other types of security systems. Residents, who may have disabilities or mobility issues, can easily access video intercoms just by touching specific buttons. These easy-to-reach and understand buttons allow these types of residents to speak with unknown or unexpected guests who are already outside their property without sacrificing their own safety and security.

Installation of video intercoms can certainly help your apartment unit safe from any harm and privacy concerns. For video intercoms installations, feel free to contact us at Multi-Tech Security Solutions. We can readily supply and install your domestic or commercial property with alarms, CCTV, intercoms, access control, and ducted vacuums for a more high-quality security system.

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