Reasons Why You Need to Connect Your CCTV System to Your Smart Phone

05 December 2019

Installing a CCTV system is a safety precaution and necessity for anyone who owns a home today. If you own an SMB and operate your company from an office located in your home, you may be especially vulnerable to targeting from burglars and vandals. These unlawful would-be intruders may automatically assume that your profits from running a successful company from your home are higher since you have avoided the major expense of leasing office space.

These unscrupulous trouble-makers may also reason that people who own attractive houses and have home-based businesses are working from home in an attempt to hide the amount of increasing profits that they may be accumulating from a successful and rapidly growing business venture.

Why You Should Connect Your CCTV System to Your Smartphone

There are important reasons for connecting your home CCTV system to your smartphone, including the following:

• Boosting Home Security.
Since you are most likely not prepared to hire a private doorman or security attendant for the entrance to your house or driveway entry gate, having a reliable CCTV system installed is essential for safety reasons. This advanced protection technology will safeguard you and your family or other household members against home break-ins by vandals, intruders and burglars. When your security system is connected to your smartphone, you will receive instantaneous alerts if a potential intruder tampers with your video intercom system or rings the bell or buzzer, attempting to impersonate a friend, neighbour or business acquaintance.

• Viewing Guests from Your Desk.
With the use of an IP-based security intercom solution, you can receive calls and alerts from your front door or gate video monitor. You can view the individual who is calling you, ringing your buzzer or attempting to gain access to your home. You can choose to communicate with this person or ignore an unknown individual without this person seeing or hearing you. Using your smartphone, you can unlock your front gate or doorway to admit a known guest to your house or refrain from granting an unknown person entrance. You can accomplish this without leaving your desk or moving to the wall-mounted indoor monitor for your security system.

• Receiving Guest Alerts While Away from Home.
With the use of an IP-based security video-intercom system that is connected to your smartphone, you can monitor who approaches your home any time that you are away. Whether you are vacationing in another city, state or country or just across town in a business meeting, you will receive an alert on your smartphone whenever a known visitor, a family member or a suspicious individual approaches or attempts to access your property.

• Getting Wake-Up Guest Alerts at Night While Sleeping. If you sleep with your smartphone nearby your bed at night, an alert on your phone will awaken you if one or more unexpected individuals attempt to communicate with you or to gain entry to your home or surrounding grounds. You will be able to view any would-be visitors or intruders just as clearly at night as in the daytime on your smartphone screen.

When you contact the experts at Multi-Tech Security Solutions serving customers throughout Sydney and surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice, equipment and installation services for advanced CCTV and security alarm systems. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal security technology and system to maintain top levels of security for your home property while you are home or when you and other members of your household are away.

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