Qualities to Look For When Buying a Video Intercom System for Your Sydney Home

12 May 2020

If you are a homeowner here in Melbourne, then supplying your home with adequate and strong security must always be your top priority. Some security solutions that you can install include an effective locking system, efficient CCTV monitoring cameras, motion detectors, and many more. Another great option for home security that you can look after is a video intercom system.

A video intercom system is utilised to manage calls made at the entrance of your home. Audio-visual communication between the people inside and outside of your home is established with this specific system, allowing you to identify the visitors on your entrance first before letting them in on your property.

When purchasing this powerful security system, you must check for the following qualities.

Wiring Type

In buying a video intercom system, you may pick between a traditional and a wireless one. Traditional intercom systems require wires for them to be connected to the entire system. And since they are connected physically through wires, they can readily provide minimum interference and restrictions when it comes to establishing communication. However, they can be expensive to install. Additionally, the presence of wires running throughout your walls and ceilings can be an eyesore for some people.

Wireless video intercom system, on the other hand, does not require any crawling or even dangling wires around your home. All they need is to be plugged into a power source, phone line, and you are good to go. While they have a high cost, the installation and infrastructure costs of wireless intercom systems are cheaper than their counterpart.

System Range

Another quality that you must look out for is the system range of your video intercom system. This specific quality depends on the number of rooms you want to connect with your system. After all, video intercom systems have varying ranges that are intended to cover the most significant areas of your home.

Unit Channels

As mentioned, a video intercom system can be connected to a different number of rooms. A system that is connected to these rooms is deemed to support multiple channels. Just make sure that your system will allow you to communicate with a single unit as well as multiple units all at the same time.

Video Call Security

When you choose a video intercom system, it must have adequate security features that can protect all your communication data. Any security certifications must be present on your video intercom system to avoid security threats. From the video itself down to the conversation between two units, all your data must be encrypted for your family’s privacy and safety. After all, the one thing that every homeowner avoid is to possess a compromised and bugged security system.


One crucial factor in choosing your video intercom system is its compatibility with the structure of your home. Some properties have metal walls and other similar materials that can interrupt the sound and video quality of the intercom. So, before you purchase your video intercom system, you must review first all aspects of your home construction and assembly. This way, the retailer can recommend a compatible intercom system for you.

When you select a video intercom system, you must ensure that you check these mentioned qualities. And provided that your system is covered by reasonable warranty duration and conditions, then you can ensure great security for your home. If you need help in choosing a video intercom system for your home, just give us a call at Multi-Tech Security Solutions.

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