How Video Intercoms Optimise Your Home’s Security

13 December 2019

Installing a modern video intercom system for your home is an excellent decision for ensuring the security of your house and the safety of your family. You will experience welcome feelings of relief when this advanced technology is in place, making your house a more secure environment for relaxation and enjoyment. As a stand-alone security design, a video intercom system manages all calls that are made from the speaker phone installation at the entrance to your home, condo or apartment. You as the host can view the caller via your receiver monitor, communicating with this individual if you wish.

If you recognize this guest and want to grant your caller entrance to your home, you can admit your guest by pressing the monitor’s Unlock button to release the door lock electronically. After your guest enters, the door will automatically close and lock for your continued security. Additional safety features like a door alarm system can also be integrated with your video intercom system. If you select an IP-based security solution, you can receive convenient alerts when a visitor is calling from your home’s entrance. If you like, you can then speak with this visitor on your smartphone, which you have connected to your video intercom system.

How Video Intercom Technology Can Optimise Your Home’s Security for Your Protection

Installing a modern video intercom system for your home can greatly enhance your home and family’s safety and security in the following ways:

• Providing Security for Your Household. When you and your family or other members of your household are at home, having a sophisticated, reliable home video intercom security system in place will give everyone peace of mind. You and everyone in your house can relax, knowing that this advanced security technology will protect one and all as well as your home and personal property. You need not worry about home break-ins or burglaries occurring.

• Ensuring Security When You Are Away. Anytime that you are away from home, if you have an IP-based video intercom system installed with your smartphone connected to it, you can receive calls from your home visitors on your phone. Your phone will constantly alert you whenever someone calls on your intercom. Your home visitor will not know that you are away, and you can choose to answer the call or ignore it after determining the identity (known or unknown) of your guest.

• Integrating with Other Security Options. Aside from connecting your smartphone to your video intercom security system, you can also integrate the system with your tablet or with a keypad that requires your visitors to enter a biometric reader or a code in order to access restricted areas of your property.

• Preventing Home Break-ins and Theft. The majority of intruders and thieves do no plan burglaries in advance. Although they may visit your property briefly before attempting a break-in to assess the level of your home’s security protection, they will not be prepared to outsmart your advanced security system technology. Your system installer can also connect your video intercom security setup to an alarm system for additional protection.

• Reducing Costs for Homeowner’s Insurance.Once your new video intercom security system is installed, your insurer will most likely offer you better rates for your homeowner’s insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that you have made a major move toward making your home property more safe and secure.

When you consult the experienced professionals at Multi-Tech Security Solutions serving clients throughout Sydney and surrounding areas, you will benefit from top-quality advice and installation services for advanced video intercom security systems. Our experts will guide you in choosing the very best security system to ensure ultimate levels of safety and security for you, your family and your home property.

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