How to Choose the Right CCTV System for Your Retail Store in Sydney

08 April 2020

The technological improvements made over security systems have been utilised to solve issues in retail stores. One great example of a security system is the CCTV system. This type of security system is now widely installed in stores, making it difficult for criminals to commit unlawful acts.

While the main purpose of the CCTV system is to constantly monitor and observe all movements in a facility, you must still choose the appropriate one so that it can be effective for your store. After all, a CCTV system can help you promote a healthier work atmosphere, improve merchandising and store management, minimise employee-related issues, and reduce crimes.

In choosing the CCTV system for your retail store, you must assess and look out for the following elements.

Picture Quality

There will be a small percentage of people who will be pretending to roam around the store before stealing some products. It is possible for them to leave quickly since most of your employees will be busy performing their duties. You may not catch them right away, but with proper CCTV system, you can acquire important details. In choosing your CCTV system, you must ensure that it offers high-definition picture quality. The resolution for your picture must either be 720p or 1080p. Remember, a CCTV system with high picture quality can essentially capture all possible details in your store.

Physical Appearance

Intruders would be frightened right away if they have spotted security cameras around and inside your store. However, some of them would still risk entering your store and even hack into your system. Choosing the appearance of your CCTV system matters since it determines the effectiveness of your system. Installing cameras that are discreet and covert, like dome cameras, can help you capture every suspicious movement without alarming the criminals. With this type of setup, it gives you ample time to contact and alert authorities.

Position of Cameras

The CCTV system of your store will also depend on your store’s location. If your store is located inside a mall, then you would only need to invest in indoor surveillance. The entry and exit points of your store, as well as the placement of your products and cash register, must be monitored closely. Alternatively, a store located just across the street would require additional outdoor surveillance. Aside from indoor cameras, you must also install external cameras that can cover sensible areas outside your store. They must be durable and weatherproof to ensure long service life.

Additional Features

While all CCTV systems share one main purpose, they still have differences that make them unique from each other. Some of them can be equipped with built-in microphones and speakers so that you can hear and speak with the people within the monitored area. Other systems, on the other hand, have IR filters and artificial illuminators to ensure clarity of images at any time of the day. When it comes to convenience, some CCTV cameras enable you to watch your store straight from your smartphones for better security access and control.

Choosing the right CCTV system for your retail store can help you minimise crimes and improve work conditions. CCTV systems can also enhance the overall security and safety of your store. To know the types of CCTV systems, you can give us a call now at Multi-Tech Security Solutions.

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