High Quality Alarm Systems in Sydney and Its Benefits to Business and Home Owners

06 November 2019

At Multi-Tech Security Solutions in Sydney, our expert team supplies and installs a wide selection of alarms and CCTV products for the ultimate security solutions. Our superior security systems offer advanced technology to ensure complete safety for you and your family, your home or your commercial facilities and company staff.

Our ultimate quality alarm systems protect homes and businesses throughout Sydney and the surrounding regions. We ensure your peace of mind, enabling you to sleep restfully at night or enjoy your vacation excursion, knowing that your home, office, showroom, or factory is well safeguarded against break-ins by intruders and vandals.

The sophisticated alarm systems supplied by Multi-Tech include the Bosch Hard-Wired Alarm Package and the Bosch Wireless Alarm Package plus the Permaconn unit for wireless back to base monitoring. These high-tech alarm installations can arm an entire home or office suite, a commercial building or specific rooms as needed. Optional compatible accessories include panic buttons and door or window sensors.

Our highly skilled and experienced team will gladly accommodate you with a visit to your home or business to offer free advice concerning the ideal alarm system to completely satisfy your security needs. Our versatile alarm system designs can be monitored back to base or set up to call a mobile phone to ensure that you get the best customised security system protection currently available.

Additional Benefits of Home or Business Alarm System Solutions from Multi-Tech

More benefits and protective features of the advanced alarm systems like the Solution Ultima security system offered by Multi-Tech for ensuring the safety of your home or business facilities include the following:

• Simplicity and Ease of Use. These alarm systems offer “one-touch” operation. With a single key touch, you can arm your alarm in its “Away” mode. To disarm this setting, just enter your four-digit code. With the use of control keys, you can test the operation of the alarm’s horn speaker, internal screamer or strobe unit.

• Wired or Wireless Option. Using state-of-the-art wireless technology, our expert installers can position Bosch wireless sensors wherever needed without using unattractive wiring. Convenient code pads can be installed at your home or office entryways, or you can choose to use wireless remote controls attached to your key ring.

• Convenience. Programmed auto-call diversion can route your calls to another number whenever you are away from your home or business location. When you return and disarm the alarm system, the call divert option is cancelled automatically.

• Added Security. For additional security and protection, before you go to sleep at night or when you awaken in the morning, you can arm or disarm your advanced alarm system with the touch of a single control button. This system also offers an easily operated, built-in panic function.

• Monitoring Capabilities.
The Solution Ultima security system allows you to control and monitor a wide variety of security or environmental appliances and equipment, including indoor and outdoor lighting, garage door openers, sirens or bells, gates, doors, and windows.

When you contact our experts at Multi-Tech Security Solutions in Sydney, you will receive excellent advice, advanced design alarm systems and full installation services for superior protection of your home or business facilities. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal comprehensive security system to ensure top-rated safety solutions for you, your family and your home property or your company staff and premises. You can relax and enjoy complete protection from the ultimate quality in today’s advanced security technology.

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