A Ducted Vacuum System is the modern way to clean your home or business. The system consists of PVC piping installed in the walls connecting back to a Vacuum machine located outside your living area, usually in the garage. The Vacuum machine then collects all of the dust in either a bag or a bucket for easy disposal.

When a 9 metre hose is plugged into the inlet valves, which are strategically installed around your house, the machine starts and all dust is sucked through the hose and PVC pipe and is deposited into the Vacuum Machine.

Multi-Tech Security Solutions currently has a great package on offer:


Ducted Vacuum Package   $1870.00 inc GST

Available only to new homes under construction (not available to full brick homes)

  • 1 x Premier clean Typhoon Ducted Vacuum motor (hybrid machine – bag or bag less operation)
  • 4 x white vacuum inlets
  • 1 x standard 9m hose kit

Premier_leaflet typhoon.pdf