Are You Really Doing the Right Thing to Keep Your Business Secure During Covid-19 Pandemic?

28 August 2020

As COVID-19 keeps on working its way through the remainder of the world, proprietors are left confronting tough circumstances concerning their business. Many have incidentally diminished their staff to reduce the danger of individual-to-individual contact, while other businesses have closed their premises.

Obviously, the most pressing issue is the pandemic, yet it entails another issue – which is the need to secure stores and other businesses. These areas currently sit void with their products and assets inside, unguarded by representatives and security personnel.

As the world has had to close down for the safety of others, the workplace has been moved to homes, leaving businesses unmanned, knowing that it is for the best interest of all staff. Most commercial establishment owners feel safe in this decision, as they have security cameras that would trigger an alarm if the perimeter was breached. Then the security team is notified of any breach. The footage is recorded during this time, allowing them to identify who was responsible.

However the question still remains, are you really doing the right thing to keep your business secure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, Because: Keeping Your Business Secure Would Deter Thieves

If you are thinking about how keeping your business secure, one way to do so is to comprehend how surveillance cameras can be utilised as obstructions for future thieves. A positioned arch or slug style security system can be all the assurance you have to persuade gatecrashers to flee your property, realising completely well that they are being recorded. This function is not exclusive among CCTV frameworks. However, studies show that 84 per cent of business owners felt more at ease in leaving their business premises isolated with security systems. Security cameras work great as cost-effective deterrents. And in the most unfortunate scenarios, should the need arise where a criminal does try something untoward, your cameras’ footage can be used to identify the suspects.

Yes, Because: Keeping Your Business Secure Notifies You of Breaches

It is possible that your business might have insufficient technological tools. Some business owners don’t find the need to purchase state-of-the-art security systems because they are so sure that they won’t experience security breaches. The thing is, keeping your business secure does not necessarily mean that your business is most likely to get robbed. It could just be a conscious and cautious effort to maintain consistency and stability in your premises. With certain security systems, you could easily link cameras with your phone so you could monitor what goes on in and around the area. You could also link it automatically so the police could respond immediately.

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