Alarm and CCTV Systems: Pillars of Commercial Security

14 February 2020

Being fearful for the security of your business is normal. In fact, being suspicious is just a good thing for your business as long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily business operations. These feelings can even make you initiate some steps that can help secure your business. One of these steps is to have an effective commercial security system.

A commercial security system is composed of four pillars that enable a business owner to monitor and secure the premises of his or her commercial building. Two of these pillars are alarms and CCTV systems, which are known to have the maximum impact when it comes to security against break-ins and other types of crime. Without these two, people with bad intentions can easily steal some money, conceal business documents, or even inflict harm to others.

The Importance of Alarms

There are numerous types of alarms that can help you immediately detect threats such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Some of these alarms include motion detectors, glass break detectors, and video verification.

Motion detectors can detect any movement from a specific place. To date, there are two types of motion detectors – active and passive. Active motion detectors release ultrasonic waves around your building and go back to their source. If the waves are interrupted, the detector will alarm to notify you about the unusual movement. Passive motion detectors, on the other hand, can either be infrared or photosensor. Infrared motion detectors detect any heat signature from humans and animals. If there is an increase in temperature, then the alarm will trigger. Alternatively, a photosensor motion detector sends out a light beam to the surface. Once the light beam is interrupted, then the alarm will go off.

Another excellent alarm for your commercial building is glass break detectors. As we all know, one of the most targeted areas during break-ins are windows. With brute force, burglars can easily break them and start their robbing activities. Glass break detectors won’t make your windows durable. However, these detectors can easily pick up a breaking glass frequency and trigger an alarm to notify you.

Working hand-in-hand with the abovementioned alarms, video verification service can quickly verify if the movement notified by the alarms is serious and calls for help from the authorities. Video verification uses motion-activated video cameras that can capture any unusual activities inside the premises of a building or structure.

Capabilities of CCTV Systems

What makes the CCTV systems superior to video verification service is their ability to record everything. Even without intruders or movements, CCTV systems are always up and running as long as they are well-maintained. These systems have cameras that can see and monitor our movement during business hours. As for burglars and intruders, CCTV cameras can capture and record their entry and exit points as long as they don’t mess with or destroy the cameras.

Other pillars that help with the security of your business include fire detection systems and access control. With all these pillars, your commercial security will be stronger than ever before. You also don’t have to worry about managing your whole business property even if you are not around. If you want to weigh in your options for your security system, you can contact us at Multi-Tech Security Solutions.

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